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Friday, November 23, 2018
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The French motorways have been blocked by demonstrators delaying deliveries. In Spain, there is currently a predominance of small sizes and the rising competition from Turkey is taking a toll. For their part, Turkish exporters are unhappy after a disappointing start to the season. In the US, the picture is…

"Exempt indoor grown lettuce from romaine recall"

With the romaine being pulled out of the shops and the product receiving some very bad publicity due to the recent E.coli contamination, greenhouse growers throughout the US and Canada are opening up to show the public what solution they can bring to food safety.  Yesterday we've shown you already how Gotham Greens responded ,…

"The idea is to stay in Canada permanently"

Wim van der Burgh moves to Mucci Farms

After having worked in the Dutch vegetable sector, Wim van der Burgh has crossed the ocean this month to start working for the Canadian greenhouse vegetable giant Mucci Farms. In October, his immigration request was granted by the Canadian government, and it became possible to work for Mucci Farms. Wim, when asked how…

Limited supply and high pricing on domestic bell peppers

The domestic bell pepper market is in a bit of flux following seasonal weather events in a variety of regions. “Demand for bell peppers exceeds supply right now,” says Neil Mazal of East Coast Farms & Vegetables in Wellington, Fl. He points to a number of regions whose unusual weather circumstances have affected supply. “At this time…

Regional differences in supplies of domestic apples

Demand for apples domestically and internationally looks healthy. “Demand is very strong for apples with the holidays, which you would expect,” says Sandy Cohen of Camp Hill, Pa.-based Cohen Produce Marketing. “There’s also good demand for exporting varieties such as Red Delicious, Galas and Granny Smiths to certain points…

Positive start for South Florida green bean season

South Florida has just started its green bean season and growers are saying that all is well so far. Beginning in November, the season is expected to last until the end of April. The southern half of Florida…

Canada: Canneberges Québec becomes the largest producer of blueberries

Since 1995, the company Canneberges Québec has been growing blueberries. Originally, they were used to attract natural bumblebees to pollinate cranberries. Today the company could become the largest producer…

Northern Californian mandarins not affected by Camp Fire smoke

While the smoke from the Camp Fire has impacted the air quality, local mandarin farmers are reporting the fruit, which is just now coming into season, is unaffected and this year’s crop is good. At Mt. Ida Mandarin Ranch, Chris Layton, said he hasn’t noticed any effect from the smoke on the fruit: “Our crop is better…

Frozen potatoes, unharvested fields

Canada: Thousands of acres of potatoes unharvested in Manitoba

A giant processing potato crop was denied the farmers by bad harvest weather. An unprecedented number of processing potatoes went unharvested in Manitoba due to harvest delays in September. “We ended up with about 5,200…

New E. coli cases linked to 2017 outbreak

North Texas stores still selling romaine, despite CDC warning

Some grocery stores have not yet stopped selling the romaine lettuce the CDC issued a warning about. The CDC does not yet know the origin of the contaminated romaine lettuce, it says, that sickened 32 people in 11 states. On Tuesday, we learned of this new outbreak that has infected 32 people in the United States and…

Special Avocados

Peruvian avocado exports to Chile still increasing

According to an article on , the 2018 avocado export year has ended with the latest shipments recorded in week 45. In line with the marked rising trend in the exports, this campaign presented a new record figure; 308.660 exported tons between January 1st and November 18th. A 25% increase…

Global Focus Citrus

"Spanish supply consolidates as complement to imported limes"

In the 2018 campaign which is now coming to an end, Grupo Eurobanan has distributed a million kilos of domestic limes under its tropical fruit brand Isla Bonita. "The limes harvested this season have been characterized by their excellent quality and even better sizes, which is to thank to the abundant rainfall recorded this autumn. The mild…

“Florida strawberry industry could be gone in a decade”

Without trade relief, Florida’s strawberry industry could be gone in a decade, warned Florida growers last week on Capitol Hill. They say president Trump’s re-negotiated trade deal to replace NAFTA offers no…

Florida citrus to make comeback

Steven Callaham, CEO of Dundee Citrus Growers Association, says the groves look great. He states that the Association is the largest fresh fruit cooperative in Polk County, with more than 200 citrus grower members and accounting for…

Production and trade in rocket salad, Vreugdenhil Vegetables:

“We actually just rolled up and joined in on the growth of the market”

Originally it’s a Mediterranean vegetable that has been grown there since the Middle Ages: rocket salad. Yet this vegetable, also called arugula or garden rocket, now also grows in the Netherlands. In greenhouses, but also in supermarkets increasingly often, where the narrow, dark green, indented leaves can…

USDA GAIN report

Côte d’Ivoire agricultural trade with US remains low

Côte d’Ivoire’s agricultural and related imports exceeded $2 billion in 2017, a new record for a nation in the midst of rapid economic growth. Meanwhile, beyond cocoa exports, its bilateral agricultural trade…

University of Chicago research:

Massive improvement made on crop loss simulations

Droughts or heat waves can of course have devastating consequences for farmers, but these fluctuations in crop yields can send shock waves through local and global food supplies and prices as well. In a new…

Fresh fruit booths still busy

Horti China 2018: Quiet last day

Today was the last day of Horti China 2018 and things were a bit quieter than on previous days, but there was still a buzz around the booths selling fruit or vegetable products. The Taiwanese booth was especially busy right up until the end of the day. Today the fair ended a bit earlier, at around three…

Ecuador exports red pitahaya to the USA

Pro Ecuador reported that the Laia Margarita company, based in the province of Manabi (Pacific coast), made its first export of red pitahaya to the United States. Ramon Martinez, the representative of the exporting company, said that the red pitahaya was already being sent to Italy and France. They have also exported to…

Chris Komatas:

“Internal quality increasingly important”

On the one hand, labels are becoming increasingly important, but on the other, consumers are becoming more and more critical. Because of this, it’s becoming more important to fulfil the promises on the labels. One bad apple no longer contaminates an entire barrel, but a six-pack. “One of six is bad in that…

Israel: Larger quantity of lemons leads to competitive prices

Multiple countries have found their way at the start of their lemon season and it’s no different for Israel. Although lemons aren’t the country’s biggest product in terms of export, they do cultivate quite a large amount for local distribution. The know-how is there and opportunities for export of the lemons…

Uruguay's new Yvyra apple takes its first steps in the region

Grupo Viveros del Uruguay (GVU) is preparing the next step in the international development of its new Yvyra apple variety. "We have finalized the introduction of genetic material in Brazil, where we plan to have fruits that were produced locally in the 2019/2020 season. Now we are inviting people to a day…

Use an onion to stay safe on the roads this winter

As the temperature drops, getting behind the wheel can come with a host of troubles. Scraping the ice off your windshield in the morning is never an enjoyable task, but onions may be the solution. When your mornings are spent…

Kiremko innovations during Interpom Primeurs 2018

At this year’s Interpom Primeurs, Kiremko introduces two innovations that can be installed in your French fry line and will enhance your processes. Primary Oil Filter The Primary Oil Filter is one of the latest innovations in…

Jan Strijbos, Prins Verpakkingstechniek:

"Increasing demand for beautiful and luxurious packaging in vegetable sector"

Jan Strijbos, Prins Verpakkingstechniek: "In the entire vegetable sector, but particularly for potatoes, we see the demand for beautiful and luxurious packaging grow. We see that Belgium has a head start on The Netherlands with regard to packaging. To anticipate this trend, we have the MBG 300 for two years…

Apple harvesting in line with expectations at Val Venosta

In 2018, Val Venosta should harvest 300,000  apples in total (traditional and organic product). After a few years characterized by underproduction due to adverse weather events, harvesting at  VI.P , the association of cooperatives in Val Venosta, returns to the norm even though changes in the varieties cultivated and…

Biodegradable within 2 months

Potato Plastic: the plastic made from potato starch

Starch-based plastic represents a good alternative to the usual plastic. Among the different types of starch, the young Swedish student Pontus Törnqvist researched the potato starch. His invention is a candidate for the prestigious James Dyson award. As the student himself recounts, “I was interested in finding solutions for the post-use…


Geographical Indication application submitted for Japanese 'Tsuruta Steuben' grapes

Japan’s Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries announced an application for Geographical indication (GI) protection for “Tsuruta Steuben,” filed by an association from Tsuruta town in Aomori Prefecture on October 18, 2018. The Steuben is a black-skinned hybrid grape variety developed in the United States, originating…

Lychee: ‘Dangerous’ fruit with amazing health benefits

Lychees are rich in vitamins, strengthen the skin, hair, and nails and also have both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The fruit can also aid you in weight loss. Plus, it contributes to the health…

Saint Lucia government co-signs Fruit & Veg action plan with Taiwan

Earlier this week the government of Saint Lucia signed an action plan to commence the project titled “Enhancing the Efficiency of Production and Distribution Supply Chain in the Fruit and Vegetable Sector”…

University College London research

"Onions help against antibiotic resistant bacterial, viral or fungal infections”

Antibiotic resistance is a deadly threat to modern medicine and to mankind. Now we are in the entrance of post-antibiotic era. Researchers are continuously looking to use plant parts to prevent infection…

‘Imagine a World Without Potatoes’

Worldwide campaign hopes to put potatoes back on menu

A global campaign due to launch next year will harness the marketing budgets of multinational companies and promotional agencies around the world in a bid to halt the downward trend in potato consumption. ‘Imagine a World…

BJ’s plans to enter a new state next year

Amazon: U.S. store re-opens to Australian shoppers after backlash

US: BJ’s expands into Michigan BJ’s Wholesale Club plans to enter a new state next year with the opening of two stores in eastern Michigan. BJ’s reported fiscal 2018 third-quarter earnings that beat Wall Street’s projections, fueled in part by revenue and same-store sales gains. The Westborough,…

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